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DSNSW Workshop Series Update

DSNSW Workshop Series Update

Spaces for the DSNSW Workshop Series on the 21st of February are filling up fast!

Spaces are limited, bookings are essential and unfortunately there is no scope for walk-ins on the day.

The presentation of Paul Green and Donna Shingler as Blackpool Champions coupled with the Professional Management of Mark Sullivan is eagerly anticipated by the NSW dancing community. After an uneventful 2020 on the dancing calendar we are very much looking forward to engaging our dancing community with this event.

Alongside our workshops, we are holding the first of which we hope to be many more Competitor's Meeting. Come on down at 10am to Petersham Town Hall and get talking with our board. We want to ensure that Dancesport is serving the best interests of some of our most valued members, the dancers.

We look forward to fostering better communication with our dancers through these regular meetings. 

Head to the Dancesport Australia website and complete your entry for the 21st via the competition portal;

DSNSW Workshop Entry


For any enquiries about the Workshops please feel free to get in touch

David Smith

Executive Officer Dancesport NSW

0427 046 519


Darren Day 

Chair Dancesport NSW

0411 132 971

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