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Competition Calendar Dates for 2022

Competition Calendar Dates for 2022

The DSA office has been busy uploading dates onto the 2022 Competition Calendar.

After the last two years of dissappointments it's certainly exciting to add these events knowing there is a real possiblity these Competitions will actually go ahead. 

Whilst we continue to upload dates as we receive them from our Competition Organisers, we would like everyone to achnowledge the following important notes.


All dates are currently PROPOSED...

Please note that all dates are currently proposed. As we progress dates will be confirmed and updated on the system.


More dates to come...

Some Organisers are still finalising their bookings. Once they provide us with their details we will update the calendar immediately. Please check the calendar regularly for current information.


Check before you book Flights & Accommodation...

We would advise you contact the Organisers directly before booking and paying for any flights & accommodation.



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