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ADS Competition Calendar Changes

ADS Competition Calendar Changes

The Australian Dancing Society had to make several unfortunate changes to scheduled competitions over the last few weeks.

Due to Covid-19 difficulties including border closures, sudden lockdowns and the general uncertainty in this current time, amendments have been made in regard to their National event scheduled for Saturday 27th March in Melbourne, and the State Super Star events in both New South Wales and Victoria.

Here are the current updates on changes to the competition calendar...


ADS State Super Stars – New South Wales


Was scheduled Sunday 28 February 2021

Status – Postponed to a later date (information to be released soon).

The ADS NSW branch are hoping to re-schedule this event within the next couple of months depending upon restrictions and registrations.

For further information contact the ADS NSW Event Organiser Melinda Hayes

ADS NSW branch competition changes


ADS Super Star Spectacular (National Event)


Was scheduled Saturday 27 March 2021

Status – Postponed to a later date.

Currently no further details have been released regarding this event.

For further information contact the ADS Managing Director Adam Blakey.

ADS Super Stars postponed


ADS State Super Stars – Victoria


Was scheduled Sunday 7 March 2021

Status – Moved to Saturday 27 March 2021

After making the decision to postpone the National event planned for March 27th in Melbourne, it was decided to move the Victorian State event into the later date of March 27th.

The syllabus and venue details have all remained unchanged.

The ADS Vic Branch said the decision was made for many reasons and included:

• A more balanced calendar of events for Victoria (with the recent cancellation of Crown Championship)

• Moving the event away from the long weekend

• Giving more couples time to be prepare for a competition

• The hope that further State government restrictions will be eased

For further information contact the ADS Managing Director Adam Blakey.

ADS Vic super stars change

For all further details regarding ADS competitions, please contact the Australian Dancing Society via the Contact Us form on their website… Home | Australian Dancing Society Ltd


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