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DanceSport Australia is pleased to announce the results of the 2019 elections for representative candidates for DSA’s National Council and as Directors of DanceSport Australia Limited. We congratulate the successful candidates, who will hold office for the next two years, and we sincerely thank all nominees for the time and effort put into their election campaigns thus ensuring both choice and a democratic process.

In the interests of transparency and openness,  your National Council has authorised the release of the results of the ballot for representative candidates for National Council, which are as follows;


The results are –

General Member Representatives (6 to be elected)


Adam Blakey                                    292

Anna Longmore                                275

Gordon Gilkes                                   256

Madeleine Zoanetti                           253

Andrew Palmer                                 248

Sharon Courts                                  243


Not Elected:

Barry White                                      202

Tegan Broadfoot                              188

Adele Hyland                                   184 


Coach Representatives (2 positions) 

No election was necessary in this category; there were 2 nominations for 2 positions. Leeanne Bampton and Shane Hocking are the successful candidates.


Competitor Representatives (2 to be elected)


Peter Hegarty                                192

Geoff Vine                                     186


Not Elected:

Martyn Kibel                                 180


Thanks again to all participants, and to DSA’s CEO Dallas Williams for the introduction of the new electronic voting process which was a resounding success, with a vast increase in ‘turnout’ of voters to in excess of 35%.


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