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Registered Teaching Facility Awards 2018

The 2018 Australian Championship witnessed the inaugural presentation of the Top RTF Award. 

This award recognises the outstanding performance of a Registered Teaching Facility in achieving the highest participation rate by its Recreational Competitors.

The calculation for these Awards is done by examining every Recreational event (across Australia, including Teacher/Recreational) and allocating a point to each RTF when one of their Recreational competitors take the floor. This is all about participation and where the Recreational competitor finishes in the competition is not important.


The 2018 Top Registered Teaching Facility for each State was;

New South Wales    Dynamic Dance World

Queensland             Learn 2 Dance

South Australia        Madeleine Dance Emporio

Tasmania                 Palmer's Dance Studio

Victoria                    Times Performing Arts Academy

Western Australia    The Star Ballroom and Function Centre


The overall winner was,

Times Performing Arts Academy, Victoria.


Registered Teaching Facility Awards for 2018

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