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2021 DSV Kickstart Development Competition

Sat 20 Feb 2021

Kingston Town Hall, Moorabbin

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This competition is uniquely different!

Spectators are FREE ... that's right, anyone can come and see you dance, no charge, zero, zip ...

However, Covid19 restrictions are in place and seating will be limited. Social Distancing is required between family groups. There will also be a 'Covid Station' at the front door where you will register, same as you would for a restaurant.

All events are conducted as a single dance and a flat fee of $5 per dance will apply. Teacher/Student, Recreational, Under 16 and Amateur events, everyone is equal.

 Do one event or all it is entirely up to you!

Lastly we are asking you to nominate your Coach. DanceSport Australia values its Accredited Coaches who drive our sport forward and we want to thank them.


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