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2022 Jively Light It Up Christmas Extravaganza

Sat 17 Dec 2022
Competition Magazine

Saturday 17 December 2022

Doors open - 9.00am
First event - 10.00am
Approximate finish time - 4.00pm

*Fancy Dress event - Dont't forget to wear your favourite fancy dress costume!

Printable Running Order (PDF)

Download a PDF of the Running Order which can be printed or saved to your device.
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Printable Running Order with Competitor Names (PDF)

Download a PDF of the Running Order including all the entered competitior names. Perfect for families with lots of children dancing, Studios and Coaches. This PDF can be printed or saved to your device. Beware... this is a large document!
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How to get there ...



Results are listed alphabetically but the list can be switched to a listing by event number by using the "eye icon" after you CLICK HERE.


Acknowledgement of Coaches

The Organisers of this Event wish to acknowledge the hard work of the following DSA Accredited Coaches that have contributed to this event.
Ronan Aston (QLD)
Daniel Buckley (QLD)
Justin Sharrock (QLD)
Amy Sharrock (QLD)
Bronwyn Molloy (QLD)
Blair Petterd (QLD)
Alex Schembri (NSW)
Gary Soderlund (QLD)
Mark Wilson (QLD)
Linette McFarlane (QLD)
Rebecca Beardsley (QLD)
Jeremy Garner (NSW)
Shanelle Pearce (QLD)
Luke Brown (QLD)
Sirena McVicar (QLD)


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