How do Adjudicators Judge


How do Adjudicators judge?
As you look around the dance floor you will see there are a number of Adjudicators assigned to officiate each event. You will also notice that each one has a Tablet onto which they record their opinion and this mark/score is transmitted wirelessly back to the Scrutineering computer for processing.

So what are the Adjudicators actually doing?
The answer to this will depend on the type of event that is being judged.

Recall Event
A Recall event is where the Adjudicator is required to return a number of the competitors to the next Round. For example, this could be a Semi Final of 12 couples and the Adjudicator might be required to select 6 couple for the Final.

The Adjudicator’s Tablet will display the Back Number of the couples on the floor and by tapping the Back Number on the screen the couple can be selected. Of course, the Adjudicator has the option to change his/her mind but they must select the requested amount of couples before they can save their marks.

Once all Adjudicators have saved their marks the Scrutineering computer will tally the vote for each couple and those six with the highest number of votes will go through to the next Round. In some cases, there may be a tie for the sixth place and this is why the amount of couples recalled may not match the instructions given to the Adjudicators.

Final, where all competitors are on the floor at the same time
When all competitors are on the floor it is relatively easy for Adjudicators to compare their performance, technical skills and musically. In these instances a system called the Skating System is used to calculate the result.

Adjudicators will have a list of the Back Numbers for the competitors (could be an individual, couple or even a team) who are in the Final. The Adjudicator is required to rank the competitors in order from 1st to last place, this is the opinion of the Adjudicator and certainly opinions vary. Once all competitors are ranked the Adjudicator is free to transmit his/her opinion to the Scrutineering computer.

As previously mentioned the results will be compiled using the Skating System which counts the number of places each competitor has gained.

Final, that is danced in heats

This generally occurs in Pro/Student events where Organisers allow the Professional member of the partnership to partner more than one Student. So a situation may occur where a Profession dances 3 times with 3 different Students in the same Final.

In this situation the Adjudicator will assign a score to each competitor, note that the Adjudicator will only score the Student not the Professional competitor.
This type of scoring is called the Development System and is similar to Judging a Medal Exam.

For each competitor the Adjudicator will award a score for technical ability and a separate score for musicality. Once all heats are completed the scores are transmitted back to Scrutineering where they will be tallied, averaged and ranked from 1st to last.