2021 Glass House DanceSport Classic

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Live Stream

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Panel of Adjudicators

The Organisers of the Glass House DanceSport Classic are proud to announce the following distinguished panel of Adjudicators. They all hold DSA Adjudicator Licences and are highly qualified to judge in their styles of expertise.
Michael Bishop
Lin McFarlane
Denise Telfer
Pamelia Courts
Patricia Heidke
Jeff Elworthy OAM
Wayne Mole
Laurie Peterson
Grant Langley
Geoff Moloney
Diane Clare
Zarlane Ziegler
Chairman of Adjudicators - Martha Williams

Acknowledgement of Coaches

The Organisers of the Glass House DanceSport Classic wishes to acknowledge the hard work of the following DSA Accredited Coaches that have contributed to this event. It is through their dedication and resilience that competition dancing exists in Australia today.
Ronan Aston
Daniel Buckley
Marina Hirose
Justin Sharrock
Amy Sharrock
James Van Elswyk
Diane Clare
Andrew Graham
Ross Heidke
Grant Langley
Justyn Manderson
Bronwyn Molloy
Natalie Perry
Blair Petterd
Richard Perry
Laurence Peterson
Mark Wilson
Linette McFarlane
Christian Sandison
Gary Soderlund
Jody Rollason
Gayle Ward
Rebecca Beardsley
Peter Beardsley
Michael Bishop
Alan Boulton
Owen Oxley
Rhett Salmon
Heather Barrraclough
Shanelle Pearce
Luke Brown
Jordan Kopp-Collins
John Marinos
Sirena McVicar