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Dance is an endeavour which improves the quality of life. In its simplest form, it can provide pleasurable aerobic and weight bearing exercise, at the highest levels it can transcend language barriers as music and movement stir the emotions of audiences.

DanceSport is the unique activity that combines both sport and the art of dance. It allows participants to improve their physical fitness, coordination, balance and helps address many other difficulties faced these days. Obesity is one of the world’s greatest problems in this modern age and DanceSport is one of the most effective and entertaining ways to help improve levels of exercise.

DanceSport promotes family participation, develops social interaction, and builds community relationships. In fact, the advantages of DanceSport encompass almost every aspect of life and therefore impacts every person around the world who is capable of moving to music.

DanceSport requires no special skills or equipment, except the wish to learn which is unique amongst the various forms of dance. People of all ages, gender and culture can enjoy the challenges that range from social dancing to competitive action.

Learn to Dance at a Registered DanceSport Studio

Schools, studios and clubs that are recognised by DanceSport Australia are called Registered Teaching Facilities or RTFs.

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