Cosplay Friday

DanceSport Development Competition

Come along and have some fun!


The Queensland Open 'Friday' has been dedicated to the development of DanceSport and (as it should be) have some fun in the process.

Competitors and Officials are encouraged to make an appearance as their favourite fictional character or hero. There is sure to be plenty of imagination. Don't be shy ... be out there.

Competitors may remain in their cosplay costumes while competing, provided there are no safety issues; that is no swords or ray guns.


DanceSport Development Competitions are FREE ADMISSION, that is all spectators don't pay to come and watch their superheroes perform. Competitors pay a small amount per event which is all handled on-line.


There are Recreational Events for all Age Groups allowing for both Beginners and 'Open' competitors. There are even SOLO Events for children, so no partner required! Click on the button below to see the full Recreational Syllabus.



Cosplay Friday


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