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Rules 1 to 4

The first four rules of the Skating System refer to the marking of Adjudicators’ Cards.

Although this process can be done either electronically or on paper, the rules still apply the same way regardless of the recording method. Rule 1 refers to all rounds up to and including the semi-final. Rules 2 to 4 refer to the final round.

Rule 1

In all rounds each Adjudicator must vote for the number of couples as stipulated by the Chairman of Adjudicators.

In other words, the Chairman of Adjudicators decides the number of couples to qualify for the next round of a competition, which is usually around 2/3 to 1/2 depending on the type of competition and time available, but normally no less than 1/2.

Each Adjudicator votes accordingly for their preferred couples and when a competition consists of more than one dance it’s possible that a couple may be recalled in some dances but not others. Note also the Adjudicator may select the couples in any order they wish, they do not necessarily mark the couples in order of merit.

Those couples with the greatest number of overall votes move to the next round. This rule applies to all qualifying rounds including quarter finals and semi-finals and every round except for the final is scrutineered in this manner.

Adjudicator sheets (printed and electronic) for rounds and semi-finals

Example 1 – Above is a paper form an Adjudicator would be required to fill out for a quarter or semi-final round. As shown per the instructions, 6 couples are to be recalled by writing their back numbers in the spaces provided.

Example 2 – Above is an example of an electronic form displayed on a Tablet and PC style device by the DanceScore Electronic Scrutineering System. ¬¬Although all the information and instructions are displayed in much the same manner, the biggest difference here is the back numbers have been scanned and uploaded to the device ready for the Adjudicator to select. This removes the possibility of an Adjudicator recording an incorrect back number and ensures they recall the correct number of couples to the next round.

Scrutineering calculation sheets for rounds and semi-finals

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