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Any computer that can run Microsoft Access (2007, SP2, 32 bit Version onward), should be able to run DanceScore modules. The caution here is that there are many versions of Office, not all include Microsoft Access, and there are times when conflicting versions are installed. This of course leads to problems.

If you do not have Microsoft Office, (with Access), installed you may consider downloading the Access Runtime (ART) program from Microsoft. A couple of warnings here, if you have Office installed, (but not Access), use the same version ART. A simple search for Access Runtime will produce several options.

The only known issue for Access Runtime is that you will not be able to alter the artwork that is contained in the Certificate Module. If you don't intend to print certificates using this module then not a problem.

As far as printers go, any printer that runs correctly under your operating system will work, however not all printers are created equal. We have found that small laser printers produce the best quality output and are a good deal faster than inkjets but are a little more expensive to purchase.

If you can buy a laser printer that has an economy mode you will find that cost per print will be cheaper than most inkjets although when the drum/cartridge unit does run out the replacement cost will be greater.

A network is not a requirement for the DanceScore Scrutineering Module, in a 'bare bones' setup you can work without it. However a network will allow Scrutineers to easily share data and printers, you can even set up wireless Print Servers for remote printing of Recall Notices to the Marshalling/Checkin Area.

Equipment Overview

Any Windows based laptop that runs MS Access 2007 or later will support this system, however for reliability the Technical Systems Committee recommends the use of a Windows 10 laptop. Obviously the higher the specification of the processor & memory, the better the performance of the overall system.

If you are considering purchasing a Laptop as a Server for a Tablet enabled system it is recommended purchasing a device that has at least an i5 CPU, with 8 GIG RAM and a Gigabit Ethernet Port. If the budget is available then it is recommended that to purchase a Laptop with an i7, >8GIG RAM, SSD and a Gigabit Ethernet Port.

Tablets need to be Android based and devices that run Android 3 and above will operate. If purchasing Tablets it is important to consider the sensitivity of the internal WiFi adapter and the battery life, screen resolution and memory are of lesser importance when being used as an Adjudicator device.

However … if the Scrutineering System is to be used for Absolute Judging System (AJS) competitions it is recommended that a screen size of no less than 7 inches be used.

A key component of a Tablet based system is a Wireless Access Point (WAP). The WAP need to be able to hold multiple connections with the wireless devices and a commercial grade WAP is essential to the smooth operation of the system. Obviously the size of the venue and the positioning of the WAP needs to be taken into account when purchasing.

Finally, whatever equipment is chosen it must be transportable. Weight & size may cause problems when travelling and these factors should be considered when selecting equipment.

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