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Quick Start Semi Final

To do this exercise you must have completed the instructions in the Quick Start introduction.

From the Main Menu click on the Live Icon:

This will open the Live Control Panel showing the 2 Items we added in the Quick Start introduction.

Item number 1 is the semi final of our Beginner Latin, click on that Item in the Running Order shown on the left hand side of the screen. This will populate our Control Panel for this Item.

As this is a recall Item you will see the recall information we typed in to the Running Order displays in the Item Description Box (centre top of the Control Panel). It is conceivable that there need to be changes to the amount recalled at the time of processing, simply replace the number 6 with the new amount required.

You can see that the Control Panel now shows the Adjudicators that we placed in the 'L' Judging Panel, there is a drop down selection and a remove icon (red X) next to each Adjudicator name allowing the Scrutineer to quickly change or remove any Adjudicator. Adjudicators can be placed in any order.

The information that is currently missing is the Back Numbers of the couples in this semi final. To add these we click on the Edit button shown by the red arrow (above).

The Verification form is where Scrutineers can add, delete or view competitors in an Item. In practice adding couples to an Item is rarely done by the Scrutineer, generally this would be done by a somebody using the Checkin Module.

Add the Back Numbers as shown and then click on the Save button to move back to the Live Control Panel.

In a real situation such as this you would be given Adjudicator Cards that have the judge's selections. To enter these marks you simply select the Dance you want to add (click the 'eye' icon next to the relevant Dance) and then click the 'Edit' button next to the Adjudicator you want to add the marks for.

NOTE: Adjudicator marks can be entered in any order (any Judge, and any Dance) and saved at any time when a clarification needs to be sought from a particular Adjudicator.

In our exercise we only have one Dance so the process is - click the 'eye' icon next to the CCC in the Dances box and then click on an Adjudicator's 'Edit' button. This will open the edit form for that judge showing the available Back Numbers that can be selected.

Selet the Back Numbers required for this Adjudicator by entering them into the box shown … or … by clicking the Back Number with your mouse.

NOTE: In the real world of Dance Competitions the input of judge's marks is actually done by the Adjudicators themselves via their Tablets. The Scrutineer would monitor the Live Control Panel to ensure the marks are being returned correctly.

When you reach the required recall amount the form will display a prompt to exit and save the data.

The green 'TICK' will save the Adjudicator data and return you to the Control Panel … the red X will return you to editing that Adjudicator's marks.

You will see a green indicator that shows the system detects the marks for the Adjudicator file containing the Adjudicator's selection. The green indicator also means that the quantity of Back Numbers in the file matches the recall quantity requested.

Repeat the data entry for the other two Adjudicators and then you should see all indicator boxes next to the Adjudicators as green like so:

Now that we have all the Adjudicator marks the Item can be Processed … click on the Process button at the bottom right of the form.

Processing will open each of the Adjudicator files created either manually (what we just did ) or by the Adjudicator Tablets. The application will sort these marks with the highest quantity of recalls to the top and display this in a summary page where the Scrutineer will validate the amount recalled.

To validate type the amount required into the box … or … use your mouse and click on the row required, then click the Validate button. If there is a tie in the number of marks for the competitors selected for recall the system will display an error, like so:

After you have validated the recalls a control box will display for the printout or preview of various repots. If the Auto Print is configured those reports will be sent immediately to the designated printed automatically.

The two most used reports are the Recall Notice and the Detailed Report.

Obviously there are no names on these reports because we have no competitors in the Competitor Database.

Competitor names can be added at any time and the reports reprinted via the Main Menu, Results Icon:

Now it is time to process the final for this Beginner Latin event.

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