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Printing Results

To do this exercise you must have completed the instructions in the Quick Start introduction, the Quick Start Semi Final and the Quick Start Final.

From the Main Menu click on the Results Icon

This will open a form that shows all Items that have been processed. In our exercise we have processed the Beginner Latin semi final and final.

Clicking on any Item in the list will re-open that Item so that reports can be re-printed. This process will pick up and alterations in the Competitor Database.

To see how this works from the Main Menu click on the Database Icon and then click on the Competitors Database button … or you can use the Competitor Database shortcut located on the Main Menu.

Let us add some competitor data … only need to add a couple of names …

Now return to the Results by clicking the Results Icon from the main Menu an select the final of our Beginner Latin.

The names that we have inserted into the Competitor Database now appear in the results.

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