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Skating System Final

To do this exercise you must have completed the instructions in the Quick Start introduction and the Quick Start Semi Final.

From the Main Menu click on the Live Icon:

This will open the Live Control Panel showing Item 2 - the final of the Beginner Latin.

When we verified the recalls in Item 1 the system automatically created the file required for the next round of this event containing the competitor Back Numbers. When using the Adjudicator Tablets this file will be downloaded by the device when the Adjudicator logs into the Item.

Manually entering the Adjudicator marks for a final is exactly the same procedure as for a recall round.

  1. Click on the Dance Scan Icon
  2. Click on the Adjudicator Edit button

Obviously when entering the Back Numbers for a final the numbers must be done in the order that the Adjudicator has selected, first place will go to the top of the list.

Enter the Back Numbers as before by the input box or by clicking the Back Number via your mouse.

When all competitors are placed you will see this message:

As with the recall event the indicator box will show green when the Adjudicator file has been saved.

Repeat the entry procedure for the other Adjudicators and all indicator boxes should turn green.

Now we have all the data it is time to Process this final, click on the Process button bottom right of the form.

Processing a final will produce a result page and if your Auto Print is configured the results will output automatically to your printer.

This summary would normally display the competitors names, registration numbers and their origin but as these details are not in the Competitor Database they cannot be shown here.

Reports that are generally used here are the Summary (MC friendly) and the Detailed report that show the individual judges marks.

Now it is time to have a quick look at the Results Menu to see how processed Items can be re-printed.

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