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DanceScore Main Module

The DanceScore Application is the centre piece of the DanceScore system, all other modules rely on it's functionality.

Definitions used throughout this Manual

There are many words used in Dance Competitions that have multiple meanings, take the word 'Event' for example … a competition can be referred to as an event, so to can a sub category such as the Amateur Latin and of course the Amateur Latin can be broken down into Rounds which may also be referred to as events.

To ensure everyone is talking about the same subjects, here are some definitions used throughout the documentation.

Competition (or Championship) This is collection of Events. Take Blackpool as an example, the whole competition is the ‘Blackpool Dance Festival’, a collection of Events that span 8 days.

Event This is the actual competition that the competitor will compete in. At Blackpool a competitors Event may be the Professional Standard.

Item The Item is what we are Scrutineering. The Professional Latin Event will consist of several Items, 1st Round, 2nd Round, Semi and Final. The individual items are Scrutineered to give a result for that Event. In DanceScore terms any thing that appears on the Running Order Database is an Item, this may include such things as Presentations and Intermissions.

Recall Item Depending on where you are in the world you may call this function a Round, Semi Final or Recall but it is all the same. In a recall situation adjudicators simply vote for the couples they wish to see in the next Item for that Event. In DanceScore a Recall Item is triggered by the amount of Back Numbers to be recalled, a recall of 0 (zero) denotes a Final.

Random Heats A selection method for the next Round that is purely random. Random Heats may also be applied to each dance in the Round.

Points The Adjudicator’s markings when the Skating System is used.

Scores The Adjudicator’s markings when the Absolute Judging System (AJS) is used.

Ranking The positioning of competitors so that a complete list of achievement can be established from Final through to the First Round.

DanceScore Version Number

The DanceScore version number is divided into 3 sections like this: 7-X-XX

The first digit is the major version number, this changes when there is a functional change of the program, such as structural changes to the Data Base.

The middle digit shows the revision of the current version. To ensure all modules work correctly system operators should ensure that this revision number is the same for all modules and the Server Core if Adjudicator Tablets are in use.

The last 2 digits are used for minor updates. In these case it is recommended that the latest version of the main module is used but it is not nessersary to update all componets of the system.

When the DanceScore application is run it will open to the 'Main Menu'.

While this menu is used to access DanceScore's functionality it also shows a summary of the information contained in its databases as well as some of the applications configuration.

The icons on the left hand side access each of the applications main functions.

Live this icon opens the Live Control Panel where all Scrutineering will be processed.

Data this icon accesses the databases where Competitors, Adjudicators, Panels, etc. are edited

Results after results have ben processed use this icon to re-open and print those results.

Web This icon is for creating files that are intended for upload to the internet.

At a glance you can see how many Competitor records are contained in the Competitor Database. The amount of Adjudicator records is also displayed along with the Adjudicator Panel records. Similarly the amount of Items contained in the Running Order Database is shown on the Running Order icon.

Clicking on the icons for either Competitors, Adjudicators or Running Order will take you directly to those databases.

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