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Welcome to the DanceScore wiki

This wiki website is designed to assist Scrutineers and Competition Organisers with the administration of the DanceScore environment.

Various DanceScore Scrutineering Teams around the world maintain and expand these documents and I wish to thank all involved for their time and dedication with the DanceScore Project.

Sincerely, Dallas Williams, CEO & Sports Director DanceSport Australia

DanceScore is a FREE Service

All DanceScore modules are free to download. There is no copy-protection and no Licences are required.

NOTE: While all DanceScore modules are free to use there are some restrictions on the Tablet software because we (the DanceScore Administration) need to train the user in the correct setup of these devices. Incorrect setup could cause failure during a competition which would be a disaster for all concerned.

While there is no charge for DanceScore and it is free for all who want to use it, DanceScore is not a Public Domain program. All rights, remain with the programming and development team.

Quick Download V7-2-XX

DanceScore Teams

Scrutineers wanting to develop a DanceScore Team in their area, or simply want to contribute to the DanceScore Project need to send their request to

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