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The right stuff: what will I wear - Part 3 - Boys juvenile dress restrictions

Getting dressed the right way

DanceSport is an international competition and therefore we need to follow the DSA rules.

While the rules are specific they are easy to accommodate - and the clothing need not be expensive.

Here are some simple guidelines for our potential superstars: (The reasons behind the rules is at the end of this article)



The trick is to keep it simple:

The following are NOT allowed:


Dress restrictions on pants for juvenile boys in Dancesport



Again keep it plain with:


Dress restrictions on shirts for juvenile boys in Dancesport


For Latin only

For Latin there is an extra option of wearing a skivvy:


Dress restrictions on Latin shirts for juvenile boys in Dancesport



For Standard and New Vogue styles, either must be worn:

For Latin style either:

The option of no tie is allowed


Dress restrictions on ties for juvenile boys in Dancesport



Any of these styles are allowed as long as they are black!


Dress restrictions on shoes for juvenile boys in Dancesport


Vests and Waistcoats

Vests or waistcoats are forbidden as shown below.


Dress restrictions on vests for juvenile boys in Dancesport


Hairstyles, makeup and jewellery

It’s the KISS principle here:


The idea is to keep the cost reasonable price for young people and all new participants (i.e. grass roots level) in DanceSport, especially for families with more than one child. It needs to be fair for everyone competing.

Although it is wonderful to dress-up and look pretty, the emphasis for Juveniles is on the development and improvement of their dancing ability.

For more information and printable copies of the dress restrictions, go to DSA rule book

Thank you to Martha Williams for this article


Dress restrictions for Juvenile Boys in DanceSport

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