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DanceSport WA Open Championship 2018

October in Perth is wonderful, with temperatures ranging around 23-27 degree. Perth has a Mediterranean climate and is located in one of only five Mediterranean climate zones in the world.

Join us for WA's premier DanceSport event on Saturday 27 October, at the HBF Stadium – which is only five minutes from Mt Claremont beach.

Day and night tiered seating is available in the stadium, together with all-day floorside tables for eight. There is just one price for day and night! See website for more

Online entries can be made through


Key sponsors

We are thrilled that the following organisations are sponsoring the WA State Open:



Need somewhere to stay?


Things to do

Stay longer in Perth and explore:

Why not venture further? WA has it all:

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Indicative costs to fly from:

If you have any other enquiries please contact Jan Hunt 0439 186 198 or

Happy Dancing in Perth!

Note: None of these accommodation/attractions have any affiliation with the WA State Championships.


DanceSport WA Open Championship 2018

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